Change visual based on the work of Meg Wheatley & Clare Mulvaney


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Graphic Recording 

This is the LIVE visual capture of your event,  keynote, or conversation on large paper using images and text.  You talk, I listen and draw.  The process and result foster engagement, connection and clarity as participants can see the graphic recording develop.  See more examples here.   Have some more questions?  Contact me here!


Studio Illustration/Sketchnotes

Need a clear, expressive graphic for a newsletter,  website, or social media? How about an engaging agenda or minutes that people actually read? Let's talk!  I can also create a sketchnotes from your text-based content or video of a short talk or presentation that has already happened. Use a one-page visual to share your message or content with a wider audience.  These can be analog or digital. See some examples here. Let's collaborate to tell your story and communicate your WHY.  Ready to talk more?  Contact me here.



Visual thinking is a way to make complex ideas clear in a creative way. Using visuals to communicate makes your ideas more memorable and engaging.  Adding visual thinking and visual communication tools to your skill set allows you to increase value and efficiency at work and beyond.

Visual thinking workshops are based on the following theories:

  • Dual-Coding Theory: We process and store visual and verbal or text-based information in two separate, distinct areas of the brain and when we use both, we increase memory and retention...kind of like having two drawers to look in later to find what we need to remember!
  • The Picture Superiority Effect: We are more likely to remember pictures and images than text and words.  We process images immensely faster than text and remember them longer than words.
  • Pattern Recognition: Our brains seek to create categories and then sort information in order to make connections.  Using images to create a visual vocabulary increases clear communication and innovative solutions.

I deliver engaging, hands-on workshops to learn how to practice thinking and communicating visually at school, at work, and in life!  

Are you an educator or student? Visual thinking and communication helps you:

  • Practice listening
  • Become adept at synthesizing content and big ideas
  • Increase learning and memory

Are you a working professional? Visual thinking and communication helps you:

  • Make connections not visible before
  • Communicate complex ideas clearly
  • Collaborate creatively and align values

Get in touch with me here to talk more about how to become a visual thinker at work and at play!