Send me an email or give me a call!  I'll check to confirm your dates are available and then ask you some questions to understand more about your meeting or project.  Things like audience participants, location, and desired outcomes are a great place to start.

I want to work together!  How do we start?

What is graphic recording?

Graphic recording is a live capturing of your story or conversation using a combination of images and text.  It is often used at conferences, brainstorming sessions, classes  or meetings.  The end product is a visual record of your event.  I usually work on large paper at the side or front of the room. While I listen and synthesize your story visually, you can focus on being present. The chart can be digitized and emailed to you to reproduce later and the original version is yours to keep. Synonyms for graphic recording include: Scribing, Graphic Facilitation, Visual Storytelling, Graphic Visualization, Illustration, Content Visualization.

What is visual note taking? 

Visual notes are the smaller version of graphic recording usually done in a sketchbook.  (also called sketchnoting)  These are only seen by the artist instead of the entire room.  They are a great way to share the content of your meeting with someone who wasn't able to attend the event.  Visual notes are also perfect for tweeting out or sharing on other social media during or after your event.  The impact of the visuals can go far beyond the day of  your event. Also known as Sketchnoting.

Because VISUALS trump everything else! Click here to see why. Brain research confirms that when using text alone, you remember 10% of information, but add a picture and that increases to 65%.  A graphic recording captures your meeting or conversation as a visual group memory and helps provide clarity and meaning. This is a way to share complex ideas and increase connection and clear communication.  When someone shares an idea and I draw it visually, they feel valued and heard.  Creativity and engagement increase when you use graphic recording to enhance your meeting or event.

But WHY use graphic recording or visual notes?

I bring all supplies needed (paper, markers, pastels).  The ideal set up is to use paper (4' x 8') mounted on a smooth, flat wall with masking tape.(See an example here.) All you supply is the large flat wall! If that is not available,  I can  provide easels and portable drawing wall (locally) if needed. (See example here.) Depending on the location and venue, we may have to rent easels and coordinate shipment of paper and foam core boards to the site.

However we set up, it is nice to have extra space to display the charts as I finish them.  I  fill one chart every 45-60 minutes on average depending on the content and format of your event. 

What kinds of materials do you use? Do I need to provide anything?


 I  charge a daily rate.  This includes 2 hours of preparation (phone calls, emails, and image research), so we can plan for your event , all materials (paper, markers, tape), and the full day of graphic recording.  Additional expenses include travel, accommodations, and shipping of materials. Please email me here to request a quote.                                                        

What do you charge?                                               

What happens after my event?

The original charts are yours to keep.  Some ways you can use them may include:

  • Hang them in your office or conference room
  • Share them in a few weeks with your team to revisit and reconnect with the content
  • Use them as a check-in at the beginning of a team meeting and add to the charts with post-its

I can also have the original charts scanned into digital high resolution or web-friendly files.  These are great for:

  • Sharing with attendees or team members after your event as a take away
  • Printing small portions
  • Posting on social media platforms to communicate and connect with those who weren't able to attend event

Yes!  I have been leading workshops and professional development for students, educators, administrators and beyond.  I offer half-day or full-day hands-on sessions on the basics of visual thinking, sketchnoting and graphic recording.  I customize the workshop to fit your practical needs  so that you will be able to apply your new skills in school or office the next day . Contact me here for more information or to set up a call.

I want to learn how to do this! Can you teach me?

Check out my portfolio or my Flickr page.

Where can I see examples of your work?

I am currently based in the US in Milwaukee, Wi, but am happy to travel to wherever your event will be taking place.

 Do you travel?