Sherrill Knezel

Hi, I'm Sherrill Knezel.  
As a graphic recorder,  I use images and text to capture the heart of your conversations, presentations, keynotes, meetings, and brainstorming sessions.  Wherever people are gathered to share ideas, I can help increase engagement, communication, connection and creativity in your organization.  I do this by listening, synthesizing and drawing what is said. 
My incurable curiosity and love of listening led me to pursue graphic recording  in 2014.  My background is in Art Education and as I learned more about the field and the benefits of  using visuals to enhance comprehension, recall and connection, the teacher in me kept wondering, "Why aren't we  teaching this in schools and beyond?!" My first foray into graphic recording was at faculty meetings and I knew right away that I would become an advocate for visual meetings from then on!
I have had the privilege to introduce students and teachers to graphic recording and visual note taking in the classroom and through workshops and am passionate about empowering others to think, work, and communicate visually.
I love to support organizations in conversations around change, visioning , connection, building trust and gaining clarity.

Let's create something together!